Our vision

Mobile productivity

We believe that productivity is no longer tied to the physical workspace. Despite an increase in the number of mobile workers (62%) the workplace, in reality, is not always easy-to-use and secure. This is changing with the deployment of Windows 8 and its many form factors. Our business apps are integrated with your back-end systems to enable you and your colleagues to be productive anywhere. At home, on the road and at the office.

We see that Business Apps drive the innovation of today’s workplace. Ideas are quickly becoming reality. An executive at home instantly accesses his companies cash flow dashboard while sharing meeting files from his tablet, in a safe and secure way. A legal officer has quick and easy access to all of his license information from the road. A lawyer in court has the ability to instantly access laws and jurisprudence while connecting with the legal expert within his organization, all through his tablet pc. And employees can find, use, rate and share apps in their company's corporate app store.


Our approach

Smart, Sexy, Secure

Our Business Apps are designed to be both efficient and attractive for the purpose of improving your professional life. In our process of designing and building apps for your business we stick to three important principles: smart, sexy and secure.

Smart, because apps need to help you achieve your goals, be more efficient and fit in your overall business strategy; sexy, because working with beautiful apps with an intelligent interaction design and user interface will lead to intensive use and adoption; and secure because working anytime, anywhere – besides immense productivity and efficiency advantages – also has an important impact on dealing with secure data.


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